Retirement Communities

Painting is fantastic therapy for seniors

Group Pizza and Painting sessions, offered in Sarasota retirement communities, are for seniors who’ve never painted before and want to experience something new and creative.  We eat, drink and paint!  It’s fun and easy.  The participants are always amazed at how great their paintings turn out.

If you would like make arrangements to bring a painting session to your retirement community, please call Catherine at (941) 806-9001


“When a resident at Lakehouse West showed me the art area he set up after painting for the first time at one of my sessions, it really made my day. ‘I can’t thank you enough,’ he said.  ‘Now I paint every day and I love it!”

–Catherine Thomas (Ponto Lambert)

Letter of recommendation from John Dionne C.A.C., Social Director at Lakehouse West:

I am the Social Director for Lakehouse West Retirement Estate in Sarasota, FL.  I have worked as a Social Director for many years and have experienced many programs.

It is with complete confidence that I recommend painting with Catherine Thomas.  Catherine’s painting program provides a fun and therapeutic approach.  Her teaching style is relaxed and her demeanor is approachable and professional.

Catherine’s painting program promotes creativity, fine motor skills, self esteem and socialization.  She tailors the program to meet the needs of her clients.

Catherine provides all the materials for the painting program, at a very reasonable cost, and clean it up completely.